Women’s Business Fashion Trends For 2022

shirtdressMany women spend a lot of time working at their careers. We have sales agents, bankers, lawyers, businesswomen, restaurateurs, doctors, and many others wanting to look their best every single day, but unfortunately many women never update their wardrobes and instead keep wearing the same old tired fashions that they wore back in the 80s or 90s when they first started their careers! It may be wise for these women to take a look at the newest fashion trends of today so that they can look fashionably current.

Shirtdresses are in for 2015. They now sport a tailored and modernized look, making them more alluring than their customary oversized mannish look. They have been re-worked to accommodate adventurous details like double high slits, whittled waists, mid-calf lengths, asymmetrical hems, and drop-waists.

Gingham is also in. But for this year, it does not have that Pollyanna vibe usually attached to it. Gingham makes a strong comeback with a luscious, sensuous, playful touch to it. It is dressed up, more sophisticated than its traditional informal and laid-back pattern. Its popular silk chiffon variety scores high in feminine allure.

Although it has been there since what seems like forever, black and white remains a strong trend for the year. Its attraction goes up several notches by the variety of silhouette, texture, and pattern that it comes in.

A close take to black and white is its subtler version – white and blue. It seems the perfect option for people who want to make a statement with a distinct lack of color in what they are wearing but think that black and white is too austere.

White-all-over is still in fashion, enjoying fresh and innovative style twists by way of playing with a variety of textures, acquiring the layered look by using multiple pieces, and using it in various hues.

The year will also see a lot of yellows. The hues may vary – think canary, amber, marigold, and saffron. Whatever your skin tone is, there is certain to be a shade of yellow to complement it.

When it comes to the short style, culottes remain a strong favorite. It takes on a distinctly business flair by being paired with tailored shirts and blazers, and worn with high heels.

Those enamored by the kimono will be happy to see trench coats worn ala kimono – with the ubiquitous belt. Career women will be happy by the laid back comfort and chic of this style.

Many are using the obi belt to flatter the figure. Using it knotted to the side gives you a flattering silhouette by whittling the waist.

When it comes to accessories, the pendant necklace takes center stage this year. Big and bold statement neckpieces have been relegated to the back of the closet. The long, slender, and elegant chain with a beautiful pendant or multiple small charms at its base is now the go-to necklace.

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